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Welcome to Hello Zukeen Magazine

Ambitious and perhaps naive, one writer, one designer, one photographer and a gang of contributors have joined forces to create for you, my dear reader, something spicy. Something with a bit of kick.

There is no simple way to describe Hello Zukeen. It’s a snapshot of a time and place. A chronicle of many youthful endeavours. A story of creative ratbags doing cool things.

It is a documentary of sorts, driven by a strong visual aesthetic. It might not be the worst magazine you will ever read. 

It’s honest, unpretentious and unafraid to take risks.  A little skating, some surfing, art, music, creative writing, it’s all there- rad stuff. 

All wrapped up in 112 pages of creative goodness. Hot of the press and fresher than a spring daisy. Hmmmmmm, Zukeen.

Hello, Zukeen.

From the Journal



Surfers and drinkers for an unassuming trip down south with an unexpected twist.



We’re excited! You should be too! ZukeenFM! Our new radio station!


tHE Zukeen DIARies, Vol 2

Issue 3! Hoffman Zuringer! And more!


A washed out writer passing through Dunedin meets a writer, a photographer and a designer. He tells them to make a magazine.

[ A Love affair with Paper & INK ]