Hello, Zukeen


Hello beautiful human.


Welcome to hellozukeen.com… our offering to the intraweb, supported by two overdrafts, a gang of ratbags and a server tended to by a lovely man named Boris.

Here we will present content that might be slightly better than the rest of the crap you’ll find on the net. Because let’s be honest here, it’s all pretty shit.

This is where Team Zukeen steps in to save the day. We’re not entirely sure what will end up on this website, but we can give you a list of things that won’t wind up here:


-Porn and it’s various sub-genres (no promises)

-Politics (very sick of the latest election and related arguments)

-Vlogs (they’re fucking lame)

-Scooter (as in push scooters. Also lame. Get out of the way you brats)

-Selfies (very self-explanatory. If you don’t like it, get back to FB you pest)

-Artists that are well paid (yet. This is a space for hustlers and strugglers. Capeesh?)

-Self-help (We’re not here to educate, we’re here to entertain. But inspiration? There will be plenty of it)


So while it may not be purely factual, properly edited, or suitable for the little ones, it should be a bit of fun. It’s a space for the crazy people- the artists, the crusty wave-riders, the musos, the filthy skate rats and other fun-loving breeds of human.

It’s a spot for the creatives you probably haven’t heard of and refreshing like a lemonade popsicle on a dusty Sunday morning. Let us know if there’s someone we should know about. It’s a space for the people!

So here it is, the bastard child of Hello Zukeen Magazine - hellozukeen.com


Will Meehan