Tour de STORK


STORK and Israeli Chicks are two groups of fine Australian degenerates making raucous surf-punk bangers.

Inspired by cheap beer, surfboards and too much sun, both bands have been making waves (sorry) across the ditch. They visited NZ last month, played some shows and everything was swell (sorry again). They were finally able to realise their dream of touring together and I tell you what, it was a barrel of laughs (yep...).

For Israeli Chicks, once Dunedin Scarfies and now Kiwi ex-pats living in Byron Bay, returning to Dunners was a fine trip down memory lane. But for young bucks, STORK, hailing from Adelaide, their debut in NZ was akin to a captive Tiger leaving the zoo and entering the wild for the first time. They had a bloody ball.

In some kind of drunken stupor, their guitarist Jack, managed to accidentally double expose a roll of film. Unbeknownst to the man, he shot the whole roll twice and the results are actually pretty rad. So shit, we got some nice photos of the trip and Pat, STORK’s vocalist has written us an honest and unapologetic account of the tour. Take it away Pat.


Dunners Refuel/Boogie Nights

Straight off the overnight flight from Adelaide, we jumped aboard our flashy banging tour bus (Brittany). We made our way from Christchurch to Dunners talking shit and catching up with our dads, Israeli Chicks. Before we knew it we were cruising along the most beautiful coastal road catching glimpses of the picturesque Dunedin. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.

It only took us a drive down Castle Street and a diesel (Dunedin finest premix) to become accustomed with the true Dunners culture. We devoured some local cuisine from the cheapest Thai restaurant in town and had a full tour of all the loosest flats from Otago’s finest graduates, Zar and Slove. We were stinging for some froths and met up with local boys Hot Donnas to get the party started. We settled in at their flat, The Castle. We got to know some of Dunners finest, hearing all their crazy stories about burning shit and piss ups. It was the perfect prelude for our first gig over the ditch.

Refuel was so sick, a gloomy basement full of raging NZ uni students. Hot Donnas brought the heat to the cold night playing heaps of sick originals and going HAM on Killing in the Name Of. We expected to be playing to just the bar staff, but were stoked to see so many legends moshing away during our set. Israeli Chicks went off like a bang playing heapsa NZ covers and got everyone belting out The Clean. It made us feel very cultured.

We spent the day polluting at St Clair with a nice tour of local legend Semisi's humble abode. After fucking around in the van drinking a couple beers we got to the Boogie Nights flat at like 4pm and walked down the red carpet literally to 200 pissed as uni students dressed in suits yelling “OCEAN ALLEY” . The wild night consisted of Jonny nearly shitting himself on stage.

It was nothing we’d experienced and compared it to bogan American Pie, but we loved it. The night ended again the same as before with some bedtime beers, but this time with some mean as fried chicken.


We woke to Slove driving us to the beach for a much needed rinse off. We decided to head down to the Catlins for a bonfire and some simmer. The Catlins would have to be one of the most unreal places we’ve seen and is deffo an NZ treasure. We pulled up in Queenstown ready for a blow out with Israeli Chicks and the weather provided the goods. It was beer drinking weather and everyone was indulging by the lake.

We were stinging again and cashed in on more Asian food to put some fire in the belly for the night ahead. Yonder was a new venue and it felt kinda weird playing in a bar that doesn’t stink of piss and vomit but we were all for it. All of us vouched for the title of pub dancing star, however one bouncer decided Slove was no good and slapped him in the face. The night ended with us speaking in American accents and a $200 parking fine.

It was sad bidding farewell to our buddies Israeli Chicks but all good things must come to an end. With one last rinse in Lake Hayes we laid tracks north to Auckland where we would make new friends and play more shit music. We will be back NZ.



Will Meehan