Sexual, Moustache Infused Tunes


Here ye, here ye. Nicholas Clay is a tall be-speckled, funny man with a moustache and a nice voice.

Earlier this year he formed Old Boy, an easy going, indie-pop outfit. They’ve been doing the rounds in Dunedin and have earned a reputation for frisky, sweaty performances. He’s also released a few solo tunes as well as a lo-fi E.P with Old Boy guitarist, Reuben Brady. He's an oddball, worthy of a chat. 

How are we doing Mr. Clay?

Yo Sam, I'm very well, and you?

I'm swell, real good. Tell us a little about yourself.

Ahhh my name is Nicholas. I'm a stoodent down in Dunedin. I'm from Welly? Is this the sorta stuff you're interested in?

Yeah sure. Do you have tinder?

Yes I do. It's quite funny

What does your tinder profile say about you?

It’s probably not a fair representation to be honest. It's pretty much just poorly photoshopped pictures of my face in strange places. But maybe that says a lot about me? Maybe a little odd. Don't take myself too too seriously.

Shit that's good. Neither man. Take your work seriously, but not yourself. How about this: Nic Clay is a muso and aspiring doctor who has written a song about a lady in the library?

I suppose that would be fair?

Yeah I think it would be because all of those things are true. And that brings us to the your song Library Lady. It's lovely. One the surface it could just be another love song, but really, it's one of the most relatable songs I've heard in a long time. Tell us the story.

Hey well I'm glad you like it. I suppose it is just another love song. I rarely write songs songs that mean anything to me personally and Library Lady is no exception. I do spend a lot of time in the library and yes there are some amazingly beautiful ladies in there but for me there is no muse for the tune, just a wee quirky tune about a place I spend waaay too much time. But a few people have said that they relate to the tune and that gives me warm fuzzies.

Ahhh, so there wasn't one particular library lady you saw and went and wrote a song about?

No unfortunately not. That would have been a juicy scoop wouldn't it?

Aw shucks. It would have been breaking news. I imagined it like that and have wondered if you ever sent the girl the song.

See now I feel bad. I really hope I haven't wrecked the romance. But I'm really bad at the whole girl thing and emailing tunes to them seems kinda creepy?

It's all good my friend. I still dig it. Surely that tune would win a girl's heart.

Maybe so? Who knows?

Guess it depends on the girl. The library is a really funny environment to be during exams. Suddenly it's at capacity, everyone's kinda bored, stopped going out, maybe a little on heat and just staring at each other for a month or so.

Yeah. I totally watch that happen every year. I suppose I'm there before the rush and so it's like watching a David Attenborough documentary as it progresses towards exams. Simply magical.

Yeah man suddenly everyone is sober and wondering how the hell they kick off romance. I guess it all ends up in a lot of staring. Your tune gets at all of that which is funny to listen to.

That was what I was hoping to get at. I'm glad you smelt it in there.

I sniffed it out all right and now the cat's out of the bag. Music wise, you've been a pretty busy mon this year

I suppose so, but I certainly never intended to be.

The songs won't write themselves. You started a band called Old Boy. Have you seen the film of the same name?

We had no idea there was a film called Old Boy until our pal Patrick asked us if we'd seen it. It would be cooler if we had.

You should watch it, or maybe you shouldn't. It's about an Ill fated Korean man named 'Oh Dae Sue', who is out one night, drunk, when he is abducted. He wakes up in a hotel room prison cell where he's kept for 10 years I think. Then he’s let out. It's all pretty badass for most of the time. He comes out like a kung fu warrior, mercilessly bashing people, hunting for his captor. And then it get's real twisted. Incest, torture, you name it. One of those films where it all comes together and you're like 'woah'.

See now, that's a good story. I'll get me and the boys to memorise that fantastic summary and regurgitate it back to people who ask why the band is called old boy.

For sure man. If you watch it, make sure you watch the Korean version, the original. The American remake sucks. It is a good film, it just shakes you up a bit. So Old Boy, you guys haven't really released any music yet have you?

No not really. We're kinda lazy but we do have some things in the pipeline and there's a crappy bedroom recording of one song on the interwebs. But thanks for the reminder. I'll get onto that one eh.

Monkeying Around is an Old Boy song isn't it?

Yes it is.

Good song. I like. If Old Boy had a tinder profile, what would the text be? As in your band, not Oh Dae Sue.

Hmmmmm. That's a toughy. I'd have to ask Casey or Jack. They're the real smooth operators.
If Reuben or I got to decide it would be stupid.

OK so you're a bunch of silly buggers. I eagerly await your recorded tunes. How about the Nic & Reuben E.P? That was pretty vibey.

Hahaha that was recorded in my bedroom in Dunedin in like a day and bit. It wasn't a very serious thing but thanks nonetheless.

Do you like it?

Both of us kinda listened to it a few days after it was chucked up and realised we didn't like it as much as we did when we foolishly came up with the idea. But I think it's grown on us overtime. No regrets whatsoever though!

Ahh, that's some classic shit, not liking your own art. Whatever. It's cool. What was the process behind writing and recording the tunes?

We sat in my room and come up with some melodies and I sort of asked if I could write the lyrics about some dood named Terry. Reuben was keen and then the second track was called Harvey because we thought it would be funny to continue the trend of songs about people we made up.

Sounds pretty spontaneous. Did you and Reuben just decide to record an E.P one day?

Yeah. It was the first day of the holidays and neither of us are very organised so I think it just kinda happened?

That's pretty rad. Sometimes the good ones happen quickly. So what's on the horizons for Nicholas's musical endeavours?

I'm gunna keep the Nic Clay stuff bubbling away slowly. but the old boy thing is where it's at for me. Those boys are heaps of fun so I think we'll be playing a few things about the place over summer and then will come back to Dunedin to play for our pals all next year.

Woo! Keep us updated. And Old Boy has a few shows over Summer?

Will do my friend! I think so, may or not be playing a few things about our beauty of a country.

International man of mystery. Thanks for the chat. Keep up the fine work. Got any final tidbits?

Thanks for having me. Ahhh, I suppose be safe! Look after yourself and those around you.
that's nice right?

That's nice! Bye bye

Ta ta.

Interview By Sam Fraser-Baxter

Will Meehan