Mascuzzi Jacuzzi!

Last week, Dunedinites Albion Place released their debut full length Mascuzzi Jacuzzi. With perhaps the fruitiest album name of 2017, the songs on the album mark a pronounced development in the band’s sound. Gone are the rock-reggae days, bringing forth a clean, spacey, reverb soaked steeze.

Albion Place have been around a while, forming back in 2011 during high school. They’ve gigged like mad, raked up over a mili plays on ye Spotify and have put out a number of E.Ps. World famous in Dunedin and adored throughout NZ, the band’s debut full length release will no doubt, be a welcomed one.

We caught up with Micah Davis-Rae to talk Mascuzzi Jacuzzi and curry, among other benign things.


Are ya there. Aw shit. Are ya?

Hahahah I’m here.

Last week Albion Place released Mascuzzi Jacuzzi! Congrats. It's sounding super lush.

Yes we did. Thank you bro!

How good! Tell us the story behind the album.

Well we'd done a couple of EPs which are always a good time. We'd been saving the debut full length until we felt we had reached a level as songwriters and performers and April this year felt like the time was right. Mascuzzi is a story of youth existentialism and love.

That's awesome. A fair whack of work would go into a full length right? The whole shabang, a complete picture. So the album is kind of (auto) biographical?

Precisely. I think I wrote about 30 songs during that period. 12 of which we recorded and 10 made the final cut. Like any piece of art, you want it to be cohesive, original, dynamic and for there to be a point or a message. The message just came naturally. I tend not to overthink lyrics as often what comes first is the closest to your subconscious and therefore the best reflection of what it is you're trying to communicate.

God you artists are weirdos. Musicians always have so much to say. It's dope to hear. So how did you feel about releasing the album into the wild?

Haha yeah that's one way to put it. It's always a weird feeling man. Like you feel a sense of relief but also self-deprecation. It's a weird mix haha. You live, breath eat and sleep with the songs that are so personal for a while to the point that you start to pinpoint their flaws. By the time it's out there in the world you're kind of over them so it's strange telling people to go listen to them haha. But more than anything it fizzes you up to write and record the next one.

I could imagine. Timmy from Marlin's Dreaming said he heard each song like 100 times during mixing and now he can hardly listen to them. It's a bizzare thing to create something fuelled by passion, then kill it for yourself and then give it to everyone else to enjoy. Do you ever listen to your own tunes? Tell the truth. I know where you live.

Only when having sex.


Just kidding. Yeah still put them on but not for much longer I'd say. I don't listen to anything from our earlier releases.

Yeah fair enough. I always wondered about that. Do you like curry?

Absolutely. the spicier the better.

Great. What curry would typify Mascuzzi Jacuzzi?

Probably a banana split curry with chocolate sauce and hundred and thousands on top.

That's not a curry you bozo. Is it?

It can be whatever you want it to be.

Fair. See I was thinking of a Sagwala. Probably vegeterian. It's healthy, not so intense, but still wholly enjoyable. And a lot of colour.

Yeah that sounds about right. I need to brush up on my curry vocabulary.

Mellow man, talking about music is my job, yours is to write it. How have you seen the band's sound develop with this release? It feels like you guys have landed on your feet with this one.

Yeah I guess because we listen to such a variety of music it's been hard in the past to lock down the 'Albion Place sound' if ya know what I mean. I've always liked writing in different styles and genres (you should hear my irish-folk tunes haha). But with this album I feel like we found that Albion sound that feels most natural and authentic.

Yeah man, I completely agree. And shit, release your folk tunes why dontcha.

Maybe one day.

You dirty tease. If This Is How You Feel was the first second single off the album. I like.

Yeah we wrote If This Is How You Feel along with about half of the album in Queenstown. We decided to lock ourselves away for a week or so during Winter. If This Is How You Feel was one of the first songs that came out of that session and it was a real light bulb moment like boo ya I know where this album is going now.

It is a vibey one for sure. The outro is real rad as well. I was stoked when it came out. It’s been a pretty hectic year show wise for you guys. Give us your gig highlight and lowlight this year. 

Thanks mate! We toured with Soaked Oats and Mild Orange for a couple of weeks. That whole experience was epic. But we were supposed to be playing a show on a mountain and show was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. We got to spend the evening in bath robes at this fancy as hotel and order champagne to the spa pool. I've never felt so pampered it was unreal. A lowlight would have to be when Jack Ferguson joined the band.

Holy smokes. Fucking lavish. Another day as a rockstar. Yeah man Jack is a bit of a dick.

Just kidding, Jack. Happy Birthday.

Yeah nah, he's a nice guy. Happy birthday Jack. So what's on the horizons for the band? More champagne and bath robes I hope.

Hahahaha yeah with any luck. Nah we're all living together next year for the first time out in St. Clair which will be sick. We're gonna hunker down and write and record the next album. My goal is to tour Europe next year. We will see how we will go.

Shit oath! Bloody good. I'll be at the beach somewhere come visit for a cup of tea and a bit of cake. Europe would be a dream. And show wise what's in store for summer?

Lock it in. Yep we've got a mainstage slot at Rhythm and Alps next week and then we're touring Aus which will be loose. Back in the middle of Jan to kick of our NZ tour. Looking busy as. Can't wait.

Congrats mate, that will all be a ball. I've got to run, got a wee lunch and then a plane to catch. Any final words mr Davis-Rae?

Gorgeous. Farts, boobs, beers byebye

See ya cunt.

-Sam Fraser-Baxter

Sam Fraser-Baxter