Issue II Is On The Way...

It’s hot. Long are the days. Finally.

Summer this far south can be a bit of a dice roll. Last Summer, we probably rolled snake eyes. It was miserable. Cold, rainy, dreich. We spent many a night sipping red wine under the heat pump... in December. It was all wrong. We marvelled at the occasional day above 20 degrees, but mostly grimaced at the demonic lows battering the coast, bringing with it, cruel fits of wind and rain. We hunkered down, imprisoned to the lounge, hiding from the rain, surfing little and backgammoning a lot. It sucked.

But here we are. Summer. Good weather and small waves. 

Solid crowds are getting down to the beach too, which is cool because the beaches actually feel like beaches. It’s also sea lion breeding season. The bastards are getting all horny and are swimming all over the coast. It can be a little unnerving, having 400kg of mammalian beast, bumping you, ghosting you and chasing you out of the water.

A few days ago, I arrived at Kilda, waves chest high and not a bank in sight, apart from a junky little rip bowl with 20 or so swimmers in front of it. What to do? There were too many people to surf through. As I sat on the beach cursing my luck, a feisty male sea lion appeared from the depths, bearing his teeth. He chased the crowd away then pissed off, leaving me to enjoy the little rip bowl in peace. Thank you, you beautiful creature.

But save a thought for poor Jimmy, an ill fated young lad who was apparently courted, mounted and then abducted by a large and very persuasive female sea lion just two days ago. Rumor has it, the sealion swam Jimmy 30kms up the peninsula where they now happily co-exist in a small, beachfront cave. We wish you all the best Jimmy.


So as we enter December, I will confidently assume that if the weather is good in Dunedin, it’s probably good for all of New Zealand. Welcome to summer friends. Stay safe, wear ya sunblock and be a tidy kiwi. Support good art. And be weird, always. We need more freaks in this country.

And so, Hello Zukeen Issue II. It’s a thing. It’s in the works. The photos and words are there and Will is busy turning it all into a mag. We were planning to release it before Christmas so people could have it wrapped up with the rest of their crap under a pine tree. And it could have happened. We could have hustled it out in time for the silly season, but it just didn’t feel right.

It would have been a rush. We’ll finish when the mag tells us to. Not the other way round. You can really mess around with digital content. But print, that shit has to be premium. Issue I was a throw together. We didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going. Now we’re a little less naive. We’ve kinda figured out our niche, voice and what Hello Zukeen actually is. And with that, we’re frothing for Issue II. It’s gonna be damn good.

So our director, Hoffman Zuringer, made the executive call to delay Issue 2 until the end of January. Thanks Hoffman. Until then, we’ll keep spamming you with interviews with weirdos, updates on what bands you should see this Summer and other benign stories. Stay safe out there.

Peace and love,

Team Zukeen




Will Meehan