Issue 2! A Release Party! A Useless Anecdote!

Welcome back. 

For a while this post was going to be called Hello Zukeen’s New Year’s Resolutions. I even wrote the piece. Finished it. Toiled for a night on the couch, alone in the flat, half cooked by the sun, sippin’ ales. Wrote some things about sending mail to friends and drinking less and being nice to people in the surf. I thought it was pretty funny. Swore a bit for good measure. Closed my laptop and feel to sleep.

I woke and stumbled into the shower. And there, next to my foot, clinging to the floor, battling against the tutumolous current was one of those weird lanky mosquitos. You know, those long legged suckers that always seem to end up half drowned in your shower, desperately teetering on the edge of life and death? Yep, one of them. I thought something along the lines of ‘Oh shit! I better save this poor guy’, picked him up and rested him on the window sill.

I made a coffee and got back to the Resolutions story. I laughed a bit? Gave it another edit and went surfing. A week later I re-read it, and realised it was shit. You see, my Resolutions story was a little bit like that poor fly in the shower. That fly was most likely missing a few legs and traumatised to the point of no return thanks to his swim in the drink. He probably ended up in the belly of a spider. I should have put the poor bastard out of his misery.

I saw potential in the story but soon later, resolved that it, like the fly, wasn’t ever going to make it. So the resolution of this story? I don’t really know. Don’t suck?


Happy New Year! We’re stoked to be back and faffin about. Cam has been on tour as photog with Marlin’s Dreaming. The man’s been wearing a white suit and somehow pulling it off. Will and I have been finishing off Issue 2.

It’s looking gorgeous. In comparison, we've resolved that Issue 1 is a piece of crap. Well, kinda. It was a sweet throw together, spontaneous and unplanned. It was a decent first crack at the whole magazine thing. But Issue 2, we're giddy with excitement. It’s an eclectic issue involving a painter, a honky-tonk psychedelia band and a house music producer among other underground talents. 

Mid February is our vague release date. We’ll be throwing a party somewhere in Dunedin - Friday March 2. We want you to be there. There will be beers, copies of the mag, a band and the premier of a movie or two. Save the date.

Until then, we’ll be systematically spamming you with updates on the mag and party.

Toodle doo,

Team Zukeen.


Will Meehan