New Music! From Nic & Reuben!

Ahhhhh, ol’ Dunedin delivers once again, this time from Nic & Reuben.

Last week, the zany fuckers put out Somethin’ Somethin’ a dainty, heartwarming six track EP. The music is a lovely vein of bedroom produced, guitar bop.

Somethin’ Somethin’ is the second release from Nic & Reuben. About a year ago, the pair put out Making Me Wei Downtown, a playful, three track release. This time round, the duo have upped the ante. Like a child who recently found the other half of their crayon set, Nic & Reuben have broadened their horizons and got busy. Purple. Orange. Yellow. Oh, yes. The pair enlisted the help of Damin McCabe, the man behind Jack Berry to help colour the demos. Reuben explains.

“Nic and I wrote all the songs without any main idea or influence, we just would play around with chord progressions and ideas then build on that. We started recording demos together and then once we were happy with them as demos we then took them to Damin aka Jack Berry, which is where things started to heat up. We then re recorded them at our shared studio space in town over the course of a month.

The whole process start to finish would of taken around 3 months. We left the finished recordings with Damin and he proceeded to mix and master over a few weeks until we were all happy with how it sounded. We weren't particularly hung up on the final fine details of the project but were happy to let it go once it all flowed smoothly”.

The final product is colourful. The music twists and turns through hues and moods. There’s romance, ambience, energy and songs about dogs in space and late night jazz clubs. I asked Reuben what kind of theme park ride the album might manifest itself as. I was thinking a log flume. A meandering ride, slow and fast, through these strange little settings. Rueben begs to differ.

“Theme parks are scary but this EP is definitely Lethal Weapon from Movie World. Bang bang”

Sam Fraser-Baxter