ZukeenFM: The Songs That Soundtracked Issue 3

We’re excited! You should be too! ZukeenFM! Our new radio station!

Although it’s not really a radio station. Just a playlist series with ‘FM’ in the title. Sorry if we had you fooled. In fact, you’re probably relieved. A legitimate, round the clock, Hello Zukeen radio station would be terrible. We’d lose the plot. You would too. Imagine listening to Cam ramble on about his weekend for five days straight while Will and I shake in the corner with anxiety.

Actually maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Cam is pretty funny. He could probably make a brick wall laugh. Maybe we’ll stow that idea away - a legitimate radio station - for the time this print business kicks the curb and we’re forced to file for bankruptcy.

OK, so ZukeenFM. Yes, we’ve put together a playlist of songs that soundtracked the making of Issue 3. The very broad theme holding these songs together is ‘guitars’. There’s a lot of them. Dirty guitars. It’s a raw mix of new and old, mostly NZ bands, but some overseas ones too. Songs to get ya head nodding. We have impeccable taste, so this playlist should bring you great joy. 

And Issue 3! If you didn’t get the memo, it’s all finished and at the printers. It should be ready for purchase in about two weeks. So for now, we’ll be spamming you on a daily basis about it. For now, enjoy the inaugural instalment of ZukeenFM - the songs that soundtracked the making of Issue 3. 

Sam Fraser-Baxter