The Humans of Issue 3

Hello Zukeen is all about crazed humans doing rad things. Here are some of the inimitable artists behind Issue 3. 


Cam Hay

The moustache says it all. Blonde, regal, brilliant, Canterbury. Cam is a founding conspirer and the photo man at Hello Zukeen. Cam talks a lot and takes great photographs. He specialises in music photography. Live music. That way, he can shamelessly drink on the job, talk to half the people there and fill his SD cards with too many photos.


Sam Fraser-Baxter

Sam Fraser-Baxter writes things. He’s another founding conspirer. Sam is from Auckland and can’t grow a moustache. He did some research on sharks one time. He enjoys pissing in his wetsuit, house music and writing about himself in third person. 


Will Meehan

Will pushes pixels. If it wasn’t for Will, Hello Zukeen would be a sham of words and upside down photos. He’s stupidly talented and does many things for us including design, art direction and videography. Will is the third and final founding conspirer. We found Will after our first designer ran for the hills. He’s also a skilled painter. Will hails from Clyde, a quaint Central Otago town that resides below a large dam. Will has many nicknames. He’ll call to any of the following: Dan, Bill, Dill, Dillon, Weehan, Meehan, Weehands, Weekends, Hans, House Every Weehans. 


Callum Parsons

Callum Parsons is an Invers born, Dunedin transplant. He’s a man of unquestionable style that takes photographs of skateboarders. He’s pretty good at it too. We’ve been damn lucky to have Callum Parsons on board for all three iterations of Hello Zukeen. 


Michael Bollen

Michael Bollen is a criminally nice guy who enjoys picking up hitchhikers in the night. Someone told me he is also a genius. Or perhaps he just works hard. I’d say probably both. Michael is a lensman of the highest calibre. He’s also a Geologist who once upon a time went to Antarctica.


Stephanie Schechter

Stephanie is a skilled writer from San Diego California. She who also surfs longboards very well. Once upon a time, her shaper glassed a surfboard for her as a giant watermelon. Since, she’s become that “watermelon girl”. Steph has been gallivanting around Asia, Australia and NZ for the last year now. Who knows what’s next for the globetrotter and her watermelon?

dave thew.jpg

Dave Thew

Dave Thew is a photo taker from Byron Bay, Australia. He who enjoys taking photos in the ocean. On film. I don’t know a whole lot about Dave. He has no hair on his head but a lot on his face. Here’s a line from his website bio: ‘Surf frother, mountainous adventurer, philosophizer, best pal of good times, mortal enemy of egg yolks’. He seems like a cool dude. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 8.36.57 AM.png

Sam Halpin

Sam is an economist slash DJ. He’s been DJing since he was 15 and is pretty good at it too. He also smells delicious. The man owns a particular cologne that could woo even the fiercest of Russian shrews. We tricked Sam into writing the ‘8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Become A DJ’ for your reading pleasure.

42488900_2289387824408671_6608900808123613184_o (1).jpg

Grace Mirams & Emilia Gribbin

Grace and Emilia definitely aren’t robots. The ladies are both Wellington based designers and multimedia artists. The pair started the Being Project to explore the future of Artificial Intelligence and human identity. Grace and Emila not only wrote, but designed a few pages of this issue. Will robots take over the world? We don’t know. But maybe they do. Give them a call. 


Raphael Krier Mariani

Raph is a semen. Woops. A sea-man. See, man? An Oceanographer! A scientist! Raph was born in France. Now he lives in NZ. He’s probably the most experienced human on this page. Raph’s worked on a range of salt water related issues including surf break protection, marine biology and coastal morphology. Raph was kind enough to pen us a few words on the science behind super swells. 

Sam Fraser-Baxter