Christmas Gifts That Don't Suck

Calling all last minute Christmas tragics!

Hello Zukeen is here to help. Here’s our selection of Christmas gifts that are worth your hard earned pennies. Better get shopping, fast.

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Velvet Grip Co

I don’t know where I would be without my Velvet Grip Co leg rope and grip pad. Certainly not on my surfboard!

Velvet Grip Co is a “luxury traction company” made by a set of identical twins with moustaches. Mitch and Tim are talented designers and it shows in all Velvet products. And lucky for you, the boys do a whole lot more than grips and leggies. Their store carries t-shirts, hats and other goodies. 

Get shopping here.


Soggy Toes Zine

A surf zine minus the inane surf chatter! Guy Thompson’s Soggy Toes Zine is a celebration of surfing, photography and graphic design. Each issue of Soggy Toes seems to somehow, be better than the last and Guy has truly cemented himself as one of NZ’s best surf photogs. He just released Issue 5 and your little cousin Johnny would absolutely love a copy for Christmas.

Find Soggy Toes here.


Woopsy Daisy Bags

We’re all revolting against plastic bags and Woopsy Daisy Bags has come to the party at the perfect time. Woopsy Daisy creates tote bags, bum bags, shoulder bags, purses and other kinds of bags I don’t know the names of. And all from up-cycled fabrics! That means the bags aren’t contributing to the consumer cycle. How good?

Get your hands on a bag here.

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Seasap Salve

Why it’s called Seasap Salve, I don’t know. What I do know, is that it’s a damn fine zinc and sun protector. Seasap Salve is a zinc, made by “two blokes in a shed”, from all natural products.

I’ve been using Seasap Salve in the surf for the last two months now. I haven’t been burnt since. Seasap is thick. It doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to fighting UV. An Aussie the other day, quipped that maybe Seasap Salve is just a container of clay. I don't think so. He’s just jealous of my inimitable sun protector. Good for your skin, good for the ocean, everyone wins!

Find Seasap here.


Hello Zukeen Issue 3

You know those Christmas presents that are really meant for yourself? Hello Zukeen Issue 3 is one of those. Buy one, gift it, steal it back. Ha!

Get your mitts on a copy here.

Sam Fraser-Baxter