Hello Zukeen Presents "AIRGARN"

A short film made over the last 2 or 3 months of a reasonably mild Dunedin Winter. Driven by Will Meehan, Jonas Tawharu, Sam Pasley and Matt Hansen.

Will worked hard and put a lot of hours on the filming front. Without Will this clip is non-existent. There were a few insane sessions missed due to work etc but he was there freezing his dirty mitts off on the beach for most!

Jonas moved to Dunedin this year to study but clearly didn't go to uni much as none of us knew about all of the mega sessions he scored until we slid into the edit bay. He still nailed his year academically despite surfing every day and burning his fringe off.

Sam, having spent the most time surfing in Duds tried his best to get the reports on lock for the boys and succeeded on a couple missions but there were definitely a few skunkings! Go back to the Mt ya blow in.

Hanso just lost his shit on the waves all year and hardly ever turned down a mission. Highest froth levels by far. "Surfing always comes first boys."

Oscy Johns stepped up to the plate over the last couple weeks to help edit the clip with Sam as Will's time in Dunnoz was put on hold with a trip planned to somewhere way hotter than here. Osc is a wizard in the editing department as you will see above. We thank Osc heeeeaps as he also made the whole thing possible. It's been a goal for all of us this year to get a clip out there and we finally got one done over the last little while when there wasn't work or uni happening!"

We hope you enjoy!

FOOTAGE: Will Meehan

SURFERS: Jonas Tawharu, Matt Hanso, Sam Pasley

EDIT: Oscar Johns, Sam Pasley & Will Meehan

SUPER 8: Will Meehan

TRACK: Ballad of the hip death goddess - ultimate spinach

Will Meehan