Hello Zukeen Issue 3 is Out Now!


Haven’t heard? The third instalment of the Hello Zukeen paper and ink series has landed!

It took the better part of a year to create, but we’re glad to announce that the suffering is over. Issue 3 is alive in print. It’s quite a feeling.

When we started this Hello Zukeen thing, we were adamant that the project would take shape as a magazine. We were green, naive and thought ‘why not?’. We wanted to create something physical. A snapshot of a time and place. Something that lives on bookshelves and coffee tables.

So, Issue 3. It’s a wild orgy of creative talent. It’s a nod to the young movers and shakers of our time. We visit the Single Mingle in Christchurch and Marlin’s Dreaming in Dunedin. A certain Mr. Bollen takes us to Antarctica, while Benn Jeffries visits some warmer climates in Africa. Images from some of the South Pacific’s most talented lens people grace our pages. We feature a trip of unadulterated journalism to the Mount, an interview with artist Annie Wilson and many other tidbits deemed relevant by the people of Hello Zukeen.

Buy a copy here.

Sam Fraser-Baxter