A New Release From: Smokestack Slim

Holy smokes we are excited for this one.  Auckland country psych boys Smokestack Slim have released two tracks - I Don’t Mean and Douglas Street. The songs come from the bands forthcoming 14 track album, A Tender Jest.

I Don’t Mean is an incredibly well composed number. Dazzling and nuanced with all sorts of alluring subtleties, the song does away with the verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. It meanders throughout, changing tack like a drunken midWest cowboy gun fight. Go on, let it take you for a ride.

The track sings testament to the talents of the band. I mean, when did you last hear anything that sounds like it? Nothing has sounded this classic since… shit… the 70s? Maybe these guys own a time machine or something?

And then Douglas Street. It starts of sounding like some kind of snowy Christmas… and then it moves into some kind of honky-tonk, horse back cha-cha… and then back to Christmas again...

You crazy bastards Smokestack Slim. It’s going to be one hell of an album. We’ve already got boners.

Dillon Feeney and Toby Arrow are the gents behind the music. If you’re left wanting more, check out the Smokestank Girls E.P, the group’s debut release in 2016. Otherwise, we’ll let you know when A Tender Jest is released. And maybe there will be an interview with Smokestack Slim in Issue 2 of the mag… Stay tuned.


-Sam Fraser-Baxter

Will Meehan