West End Draught is a Pretty Good Beer According to STORK

From the goonies that bought you the anthems No Waves, No Babes and Congrats, comes the banger Best Friend from South Australia's STORK.

The tune is frothy, beer soaked number and quite literally, so we hear.  According to the boys, Best Friend “is dedicated to cracking a cold West End Draught (S.A's) local beer”. 

We all know that Aussie beer is kind of shit. But this West End Draught? Maybe it's not that bad. But for STORK at least, the beverage seems to be one hell of a companion. We're fizzing the song and are very keen to try this cherished drop. 

Best Friend is the first single off the band's debut LP 'Let The Boys Eat', to be released April 18. The record has been two years in the making and coming in at 13 tracks, it should be a good time.



-Sam Fraser-Baxter





Will Meehan