Thank Jeebus, nicholas Franchise has Released Setup

A tin shed, a few instruments and one microphone is all a marn needs. Just ask nicholas Franchise. Last week he released his debut album, Setup, recorded in Dunedin with nothing more than a laptop, one mic and some dusty instruments in his mum’s garage.

We interviewed Nick in October last year after he teased the webosphere with two singles from the album. Nick went god knows where and we were left to worship those singles for four months. But thank the lord, Nick has finally come out of hiding and Setup has landed.

Setup is a little off-kilter, a little woozy and a little strange. But above all, it’s unique. The sound is distinct and at times confronting, like ‘woah, what was that?’ It’s also poppy and catchy and in a very rad way. Get it in ya ears and show it to ya mates, lovers and strangers near you.

After extensive research, we managed to trace Nick to Portland, USA for this groundbreaking interview with the esteemed troubadour.

Hey Nicholas Franchise, congrats on releasing Setup.

Thank you very much man! Hope it’s been pleasing your ears so far.

It's tight. We love it. How does it feel to let it loose?

I woke up yesterday to a friend txting me saying congrats. I kind of expected it to come out American time. So it was early for me, and I was in bed like ‘woah’. And then I feel asleep haha. But last night we celebrated and it was like ‘fuck, finally yes’. I mean, I told you November release last time we spoke, so about bloody time right!

Hell yeah man. You’re tease. We’ve been waiting like a pack of famished hyenas. So what's happened since? When did you finish recording?

So I’d finished recording before I landed in ol USA in July actually, but a couple touch ups and a rap from the bro Theo were needed. Except we got stuck touristing for three months, then took a minute to grind for a cosy living sitch here in Portland.

Too good. And for anyone that doesn't know, these tunes were all recorded in mum's garage right?

Yes trust Mum and her garage! Great gal. Good garage. She let me use the heater, kept the fingers warm. I must admit, a couple of the guitar pieces were recorded in the brothers room in Auckland. All the top studios.

Good ol mum. Here we segue into the sound on the record. It's cool and very unique. What kinda gear were you rocking?

Top segue. I used a G&L gat for the rhythm, through a orange head on a vox cabinet. Then the lead was my crusty squire I got age 12 through Conor Geany’s Vox amp, until he claimed it back. Then the second half of the album was on the other set up haha. Never messed with a whammy till this album but it’s a fun stick to wiggle. But I just used one mic for it all. Drums were cheap as chips.


Ahh haaa. I'm not that tech, but sounds like a pretty basic setup. It seems like the creative limitations ended up driving a pretty unique sound - garagey, but very cool.

Cheers, I really get scared by too many options and choices to be honest, so knowing that what was in the shed was it, was pretty comforting. I didn’t need to go mic up the bongos in Abbey Road ever you know? Just the feeling that that was it and trying to make something cool with nothing more. I was fortunate the character that gave itself wasn’t too crap, I hope!

Nah dude it's sick! It’s hell unique. We love it.

Oh I didn’t tell you about the 50 cent wood flute that I used. That’s low in the mix on a couple haha.

Nope, nothing about the flute. What track?

It’s on Not Alright, at the end! Super subtle, but gives that track it’s soul feel.

I'll keep my ears peeled. So give us the high and low lights of recording. What was your favorite meltdown?

Ooh you mean, the classic emotional roller coaster? Or my favorite meltdown meaning guitar solo?

Haha give us both.That said, there were plenty of face melting guitar solos throughout.

Thanks I’m a dodgy lead man though. Like this little bit at the end of victory where it overlaps the main riff. But emotion? Fury? Highs and lows?

Yeah dude Victory is a good end to the album! And your lead gat is epic throughout.

Too kind. Big high for me was when I wanted to kick over the chorus in baby memories with one more pinch of something, and I started shaking the shaker and just starting laughing to myself in the shed like a looney. It felt so good.

Low moment, just being like fuck I’m getting on a plane soon and this sheet ain’t done, but I feel it all worked out much for the better and beat with this timing.

Shit bro you must have gone loopy in that wee shed all alone.

You said it.

Yes I did.

Haha. Yeah. There were some moments. Always.

OK matey, fave track?

I said Time a Ya Life to band mate jack last night. Brings a smile.

Can I indulge in your top pick Sam?

Yeah man for sure. I really dig Time a Ya Life. I really like the opener, Like Each Other, it's a real cutey, the vocal trades are cool. The chorus in 3.33am is sick. Then Victory was a really sweet tune to close the album. It's a rad slow burner. I froth the singles Sorry But I Think I'm in Love and Right Now. Both are beautiful tracks, in very different ways. 

And then I've actually had You Know You're Not Alright stuck in my head for the last 24 hours. I was singing it in the surf. It’s catchy as hell. Haha shit, I just listed half the album.

Oh shucks man, out in Dunedin’s ocean that is a huge honor, missing that spot!
But yeah was lucky enough to nab my sister on vocals in that first track.

Your tunes are worthy of the Southern Ocean. So what's next for nicholas Franchise?

Next is gigging! Jack my partner in criminology have got a band under way here in Portland, some great homies to kick around with, very stoked on it. Played a couple shows, so for now, will just turn up that activity and see where it goes. And hopefully get number 2 in the works soon as possible.

Keep up the hustle man! Zukeen loves your work. Any final words?

Zukeen you're beautiful, that new mag cover is seriously getting me going, the off centre, can’t wait to peak it. Otherwise give the album a spin if you have a spare bus ride or evening jog, and thank you very much Sam.

Will Meehan