Jonas and Pasley Find a Few Nugs on the Peninsula

Our god-knows-where, alchy director, Hoffman Zuringer has been sending us systematic abuse for the last 3 months now - "Print is dead you fools! What the fuck are you doing, toiling about, making magazines? Video you swines! Video!"

Well, funnily enough, Hoffman is the reason we got into this magazine biz. He told us to make a magazine and we did. In fact we made two. And now video? What do you want Hoffman? Where are you? We haven't seen the old man since January and we're starting to wonder if we'll ever see him again. We heard a rumour he's on some gig in Costa Rica, gallivanting about, drinking martinis in the sun....

So here's a wee clip Will put together, featuring Sam Pasley and Jonas Tawharu realising that leaving the leaving the Mount for colder waters was probably the best decision they've ever made. Jonas is fresh and back from injury. The poor kid blew his knee out after trying to stick an air on the flats over the Summer. His tendons were all cooked, ruptured or something, and things weren't looking good for young Jonas.

The docs gave him 12 months. Fate would be even kinder. After the swelling subsided, a collective 'HOORAY!', sung out over Dunedin as Jonas learnt that his knee would be sweet in a matter of weeks, reducing his recovery from 12 months to five. He's back, surfing his brains out and is looking quicker than ever. The grom surfs like a cat, and alongside Pasley, who surfs like a swooping macaw, the boys went to town. 

Oh, and the music? It's Terri Terri. Check his self-titled release below. It's the best shit we've heard all year.

Sam Fraser-Baxter