Sam Wave's 'Best Irregular' Pairs Well with Alien Abduction

Floating through these days of Winter melancholy comes a welcomed release; Sam Wave’s The Best Irregular. The track hails from a forthcoming album called Rhetorical What? and is a sign of good things to come. 

Sam Wave is the moniker of Sam Mehrtens, a musician and producer from Queenstown. The name sounds familiar? He's the older brother of Mild Orange's producer and songwriter, Josh Mehrtens. 

Last year, as Odsoul, Sam released the Astro Gift E.P alongside Radram. The cosmic tinged, slow jams on the release are a perfect marriage of synth driven production and Sam's soulful vocals. Find the E.P here.

Sam’s back it again and his infatuation with the cosmic lives on. The Best Irregular is a moon lit, slow-burner. The song feels somnolent, sedative even. It’s dreamlike and hazy; a perfect soundtrack for some kind of lucid alien abduction.

Like a mantra, Sam's words ‘Be irregular, mind exterior, all the things that float from the regular’, loop throughout the track. It’s hypnotic. Perhaps a statement on conformity? Perhaps. It seems like Sam is urging us to be weirdos. We're into it.

Sam's talents as an artist go deeper than music. He shot and edited the accompanying video, which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, equally as strange. Good things are happening this Winter. Stay posted for Rhetorical What?  


-Sam Fraser-Baxter

Will Meehan