Between Heats with Billy Stairmand & Jono Smit

Ahhhh, the cold. We love you. We hate you. 

It's a blessing and a curse. It keeps the crowds at bay but being cold, well, it sucks. But if you can keep warm, there's nothing better.

The annual Kaikoura Coldwater Classic went down last month. Christchurch based filmmaker Jono Smit was on the scene shooting with NZ's Billy Stairmand. Jono spun the footage into the aptly named clip 'Between Heats'. During heats, Billy won a lot. He ended up winning all the way to the finals and then one more time to take out the event. Surprising? Not really. See the evidence above.

On soundtrack duties is  Smokestack Slim's 'I Don't Mean'. The single comes from the band's forthcoming album A Tender Jest. We're big ol' fans of the band.

So dive on in and enjoy Jono's fine marriage of moody landscapes, Billy shreeding and bit of Smokestack Slim. 

Sam Fraser-Baxter