Israeli Chicks, Eggs and The Fuzz

Our on-the-ground, free range, Aussie surf punk foreign correspondents, Israeli Chicks are back with the Ham & Egg Double release. 

Bad Eggs is a song for the proletariat, for the everyday man and women, for the friers and poachers, scramblers and boilers. It’s a song for the people.

Bad Eggs features Israeli Chicks' distinctive brand of larrikinism. With lines like “We’re bad bad eggs, but we’re not bad blokes” and “I like my eggs runny, honey, maybe you don’t”, we’re touting Bad Eggs as a dark horse for a 2019 Pulitzer.

The second track, Boys in Blue, is a stonker, a WhhhhAAAAppp! to the lower intestine, another tune for the people. The Israeli Chicks are feeling eggy and they've got something to say about it. Singer/ lead bassist Sam Love explains;

"Some of our friends got very heavily handled by the NSW police the same week as the police bashed a 16 year old kid in an alleyway in Byron and to top it off Zar got a $500 fine for his license being 2 days out. They wouldn’t even let him drive his car to work and he was feeling really really blue about it.That all happened in the same week haha. Love the Australian police".

Rough. Give them a listen, kiss your neighbor, have a beer, do what you wish. The tunes will pull you out of the vortex (if you’re in one) and warm your day. Cheers Israeli Chicks.  


-Sam Fraser-Baxter

Will Meehan