Live Music with: Nicholas Franchise

Great news for your Monday via the interweb. 

The homie Nick Davies, that Aussie turned Kiwi, who recorded an album in his mum's garage in Dunedin, released it as nicholas Franchise, then went to Portland, USA to form a band, has put out a couple of live tracks recorded with Unpeeled. 

nicholas Franchise released Setup earlier this year. The pop songs on the album are woozy and a little off-kilter. They wear a recorded-in-mum's-shred kind of aesthetic in the best way possible. We're big fans.

And now, we're privy to the first recorded session of the full band. The group performs two songs: You Know You're Not Alright, and the unreleased Love Online. The dudes are sounding hell tight. Please come to NZ soon.


Will Meehan