Marlin's Dreaming Share 'I'll Stick By You'

Spring is on the way and Marlin's Dreaming is here to serenade you out of the darkness. This morning they released I'll Stick By You. 

It's been almost a year since the Dunedin four piece put out their debut album, Lizard Tears. I'll Stick By You is their first offering since.

The release is a change of tact for the band. I'll Stick By You isn't so glitzy. Perhaps fed up with the incessant stream of slow, soft, glittery indie music overloading the interweb, Marlin's Dreaming have gone for something a little rougher, reminiscent of 80's and 90's post-punk. The guitars are dirtier. The song drives, rather than meanders, as if it knows exactly what it is and where it's going. The result is a lofi kind of nostalgia, imbued with a little melancholy that eventually gives way to a sun-out-of-the-clouds kind of hopefulness. 

Directed by Hernando Lattus and conceptualized by Semisi Maiai, the video accompanying the release is a strange cinematic journey. It's dark, neon-lit and quite cultish. 

I'll Stick By You is a sign of good things to come. Talk On Comic, the bands second album will be landing on the 14th of September. We're counting down the days. For now, enjoy the song, the video and a couple of behind the scenes shnaps take by Zukeen's Cam 'Lala' Hay.


-Sam Fraser-Baxter



Sam Fraser-Baxter