Letty Mortensen Visits Otepoti, Finds Jonas, Scores Waves

Winter has left us and the dudes at Rusty have brought the goods!

In the perfect sayonara to the days of icy waters and 5mm wetsuits, Rusty’s Letty Mortensen jumped the Tasman with filmer Zac Heath in tow, to visit a place notorious for viciously drunk students, Sealions and Speights. But more importantly, waves.

Otepoti, Dunedin.

In this short, Letty teams up with fellow Rusty associate Jonas Tawharu. We’re pretty fond of young Jonas here at HZ. Once upon a time, dancing in Cam’s lounge with a lighter, Jonas managed to somehow, accidentally set his straw like, blonde fringe on fire. It went up. Cam might have taken a few photos of the ill-fated shenanigans. Maybe we’ll run a photo of it in Issue 3. Stay tuned.

Anyway, hair burning aside, the crew score some fun waves around Dunnos in this dazzling, King Gizzard soundtracked edit. The boys look pretty good; Letty hucking spinnylala’s, getting pitted and Jonas going bezerk, looking real nice on his new fish.

So feast your eyes and enjoy this trip back to the dog days of Winter with Letty and Jonas.

Sam Fraser-Baxter