The Arrival of Slippery Sloth & The Ethanol Blend

Front Cover - The Blend Part 1.jpg

Slippery Sloth & The Ethanol Blend is most definitely not a potent mix of shoe polish and LSD left to distil in a medium sized saucepan for 13 and a half hours, then ingested to experience a state of delirium akin to that of a stoned marsupial dragging itself up a tree. 

Don’t be silly.

Slippery Sloth & The Ethanol Blend is a new band straight out of a garage in South Australia.

The Blend Part 1. is the debut offering from the South Australian larrikins. The music on the album is primarily written by Jake Stokes, the man you may have seen slapping a bass guitar for STORK, a surf-punk outfit from Adelaide. The music is raw, Australian and quite garage-y. Both good things. Jack explains.

“The Blend Part 1. was recorded in the back of my mum and dads house on garageband. It took me around 3 months, its riddled with mistakes and errors but i'm super proud of it. The Ethanol Blend (Dale, Zack & Alex) helped me make it. 

Inspirations for the album came from Twerps, The Clean, The Growlers, Beach Fossils, Dick Diver and Dunedin’s very own Marlins Dreaming”.

Like the band’s listed above? You’ll enjoy The Blend Part 1. We promise.

Sam Fraser-Baxter