Cam Haylock’s ‘Something About Time’ is a Surf Film that Matters

We’re over the moon to announce our friend Cam Haylock as the winner of the Aotearoa Surf Film Festival short film competition.

His film Something About Time is a positive take on a serious issue - traditional longboarding takes the fore, but the message, woven into the film, is the state of youth mental health in NZ.

Inspired by the tragic loss of his friend some years ago, Cam began to question how we deal with the ups and downs on this strange journey called life.

Something About Time presents surfing as an act of fun and togetherness. Cam’s film is heartfelt, natural and more importantly, needed. As our country grapples with a very troubling youth mental health crisis, the film seeks to broaden the conversation on youth wellbeing.

The film isn’t forced or overbearing in it’s message - a rarity in surf films that decide to look at anything other than surfing. And perhaps what’s even more impressive, is the fact that this is Cam’s debut film.

Filmed around his hometown of Sumner, Chch, the film was shot using gear from his friends, featuring music from his friends and of course, all the surfers are his friends.

Enjoy Something About Time, remember to look out for the people around you and stay posted for more films from Mr. Haylock.

Sam Fraser-Baxter