ZukeenFM Vol. 3 - with Love, from Johnny the Ghost

Great news! Johnny the Ghost is back.

Johnny the Ghost is a friend of ours who helped select most of the music for ZukeenFM Vol.1 late last year.

We love Johnny, but ghosts have a tendency to just disappear! Anyway, our friend Ben requested a playlist like Vol.1 and that would of course, require Johnny’s help. Johnny vanished sometime around Christmas.

We searched high and low for Johnny. Ghosts don’t use social media, so that makes tracking a missing person quite troublesome. The Police don’t accept missing persons reports for ghosts either, and the Ghostbusters retired a long time ago. We tried everything. Even an ouija board.

Months later, we were thinking about giving up on Johnny. “We don’t need that damn ghost!” Cam said, “we can make the damn playlist ourselves!”

And just like that, Johnny found us. In typical ghostly fashion, the bookshelf fell over and the windows began to shake violently.

“Ahhhh fuck! What’s that?” I cried. In strange, supernatural moments like those, it can be easy to forget you have a good friend like Johnny the Ghost haunting you for kicks. He climbed out of a painting on the wall.

“Hahaha! Here I am! Look at you scaredy cats!”

We lay on the floor, shocked with Johnny’s entrance. Johnny explained that he’d jetsetted to the Northern Territories, Australia for a little Summer holiday. He’d heard about a ghost of a beautiful seamstress from the 1800s living in a small town. Johnny was interested in the deceased seamstress, but trouble was, she wasn’t there. Instead, Johnny found a club of ghosts, mostly casualties of alligator attacks.

“No sign of Shelagh the seamstress. I was a little heartbroken, you know? So yeah, guess I ended up hanging with all these Aussie ghosts, old alligator victims, missing arms and shit. It was pretty hectic. Real nice guys though. I was there all Summer.” he explained. “So we making another playlist or what?”

Long story short, after catch ups with Johnny, we created Zukeen Vol. 3. Lots of guitars. Some new stuff. Some old stuff. A bit of an ode to Summer, before it gets cold and miserable. Enjoy.

Sam Fraser-Baxter