Relive the Single Fin Mingle Through the Lens of Jono Smit

A month ago we left Sumner, Christchurch hoarse-voiced, riding out a fairly a pleasant comedown.

The Single Fin Mingle had finished for another year and one by one, it’s attendees - characterised by vintage garb, salt-bleached hair and a penchant for too-big nights - departed Sumner.

The traditional longboarding festival was a bender of the highest order - three big days and nights of surf, art and vicious carousing. It was, and may be the weekend of the year.

And if you weren’t there, worry not. Jono Smit’s full-length wrap up film of the event has landed. It’s an immersive masterpiece that neatly captures the spirit and charm of the Mingle. Jono’s done an absolute number on this one. Dive in and enjoy.

Content wise, we’re just about done with the Mingle. We’ve been banging on about the Mingle for at least a month now. One piece of the puzzle remains. Expect a long-form, on-the-ground piece from the scumbags at Hello Zukeen featuring f-words and poetry in the coming weeks. It should be fun. Stay tuned.

Sam Fraser-Baxter