New Music from Terri Terri & Soaked Oats

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Two artists in two hemispheres have both released singles that are bringing us great joy.

The first is Soaked Oats, from Dunedin, NZ. There’s a lot to be said about these guys. They’re an insurmountable touring circus. These guys live on the road. I think they might have played about 30,000 shows last year. These guys spend so much time touring they could practically consider themselves homeless. They’ve just finished a tour of the states and are about to tour Europe. Who knows where they’ll end up next?

Coming Up is the second offering from the Oats’ upcoming EP, Sludge Pop. It’s a washy, wistful little runner. Oscar Mein, singer/ guitarist of the Oats explains:

“The song is very much about the transition within oneself from bleak to bright, the realisation that it takes interaction with those "standing in a line" around us to help bring us out of whatever state the world is in between our ears”.

The video for the track was captured on tour in the States, created by the NZ filmmaker maestro Jake Munro. Stay tuned for the Sludge Pop album.

Next up is Terri Terri. Hailing from somewhere in Califoria, I think, Terri Terri is the moniker of musician and composer Mark Noseworthy. Last year he released the self-titled, debut Terri Terri album. It’s a slinky collection of garage-y, off-kilter, catchy pop-songs. Terri Terri is a bit of a genre shapeshifter. Before this turns into an arms race of adjectives, I’ll tell you this much: it’s really fucking good.

The album was our go-to for mid-Winter surf trips to the Catlins last year. It’s an apt match for driving through cold, short days.

Mark seems to be both a creative and intelligent songwriter, and great news - he’s back at it again. Last week he released I Am The Sand. It’s typically spooky. Reference Cotton Jones and Timbre Timbre. Our fingers crossed this is a sign of more music to come.

Sam Fraser-Baxter