A Look Back at the 2018 Single Fin Mingle

Better late than never huh?

A year and a half later, here’s our video wrap up of the 2018 Single Fin Mingle. “Why so late?” may you ask. Good question.

After collecting the footage at the 2018 Mingle, Will, our design/ video extraordinaire, was tied up like Houdini, trying to free himself from the proverbial ropes that were designing Issue 3 and filming/ editing AIRGARN.

Truth be told, the man works harder than anyone at the Hello Zukeen hampster wheel. After finishing Issue 3, he decided he’d had enough and spent some months carousing around Central America, before returning just in time for this year’s Single Fin Mingle in late March. And what better time to debut the 2018 film than at the 2019 Mingle Film Festival at Sumner’s Hollywood theatre? It went down a charm - beer flying, Minglers hooting - quite a rowdy affair really.

So without further adieu, here it is, our on the ground, look back at the stupidly fun 2018 Single Fin Mingle. Enjoy.

Sam Fraser-Baxter