Death to Single-use Plastics!

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It’s estimated that roughly five trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Five trillion.

I don’t even know how many ones make up five trillion, but hell, that’s a lot of plastic bags. And we all know where the devils end up – on the coasts and in the oceans.   

It’s a tough pill to swallow and after hearing numbers as grim as these it’s easy to belittle your existence, give up and move home to your parents to cry and watch re-runs of Oprah. 

While the stream of bad news seems never-ending, there is good news too. In recent years, a wave of awareness and momentum has been building against the world’s mindless use of single-use plastics. Thank social enterprises, thank social media, thank whoever – it’s a wonderful, needed movement and the more people on board, the merrier.

And Corona, Parley for the Oceans and World Surf League have come to the party. The threesome has partnered with a series of pro-surfers and artists to create a range of limited-edition reusable bags. The nifty bags are made from recycled plastic, so they’re not only promoting sustainability, but taking plastic of beaches too.

It gets better still - the sale of each bag funds the donation of three reusable bags to the Balinese community, and the removal of more than 20 bottles worth of plastic from oceans and coastlines. At a time when governments are beginning to ban single-use plastics (think Bali and NZ), the collaboration sure is timely.

Check out the bags here.

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Sam Fraser-Baxter