How to Listen to Nic Clay

Nic, photographed by @vanessaconecreative

Nic, photographed by @vanessaconecreative

With a penchant for woozy pop music and a moustache Freddie mercury would be proud of, Nic Clay has been a busy man this year.

There are many important things to say about the moustache. But today we are here to talk about the music. Nic has released several lovely singles throughout the first half of the year (Love Before Love, For Another One and Let’s Be), followed up last week by the Charabanc Razz E.P.

The tunes are marked by Nic’s elastic vocal, bedroom-produced haze and a healthy dose of romance. It’s been a while between chats with Nic, so we figured an interview was duly in order. Plus his answers are always fun. We gave Nic four questions about the new E.P, how to listen to it, his collaborator Rueben and life in Wellington.

What’s the best way to listen to Nic Clay music?

Hmmm… I think perhaps the best way to CONSUME the music would be commuting. I think it's a good space filler. If you don't have anything else to listen to, then maybe perhaps listen to that. But conversely, there is other stuff which is also good for commuting so perhaps listen to that too!

How’s Rueben?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the love of my life. Chipper, healthy and fruity as per usual. Him and I have been playing lots of music and have our special stuff on the way so I’m very excited for that stuff to be expelled to the world soon.

Nic & Rueben, photographed by @vanessaconecreative

Nic & Rueben, photographed by @vanessaconecreative

What is Charabanc Razz?
I don't really know either. but the songs that comprise this small collection are all kinda nice for sitting on the bus. A charabanc I think is like a really old bus. And Razz I always thought meant getting up to no good or having a nice time. Or something to that effect. So essentially, music for the bus to enjoy I think is what it means. But if any reader or you Sam has any better interpretation then that would be greatly accepted.

How has big-city-life-Wellington been for writing music?

Ahh yes, the medium to small smoke. It's a very good home. A great place to people watch and feel comfortable in. In regard to making music, I have a nice little room in my very central flat/apartment where I sit and fiddle with my instruments and write words! it's nice! I suppose it's the same process but just different bits of drywall around me. Very happy with it all. Chuffed, stoked, content, joyful, buoyant, elated, happy slurgenspliff! Couldn't be merrier!

Sam Fraser-Baxter