Crooning 'Hackney' with Heavy Chest

A few months ago, Heavy Chest returned to New Zealand.

After a year long gallivant around Europe, playing shows, eating cheese and embracing life as a musician gone AWOL, Andre returned to Wellington.

The man is looking comfortable back on home soil and we hear there is more Heavy Chest music to come. We can’t wait. But for now, here he is performing a live version of Hackney, directed by Rob Thorogood in an old peanut factory. It’s a beautiful thing to witness: pensive, but not depressing, warm, but not overbearing, spacious, but not empty. It’s a crooning heart-acher that bodes some element of danger too... like a lover yelling ‘JUMP!’ from the bottom of a cliff, or a scoop of vanilla skirting dangerously close to the edge of your cone.

And when did you last hear reverb this gorgeous? Drift away people, enjoy the show.

Sam Fraser-Baxter