Heeeeeeeere comes RIIKI!

One Day- Single Art.jpg

RIIKI is here.

How do you pronounce ‘RIIKI’? Is it ‘REE-KEY’? Is it ‘RICKY’? Is it ‘RYE-KE’? Do you yell it because it’s all caps? We don’t know. But we do know that today, the Wellington-based artist released her first track. Lets talk about the music.

RIIKI has been around for some time now. She emerged on the internet late last year and starting playing live shows earlier this year. While the gig offers have been tricking in, the music has been slow to come.

One Day is RIIKI’s debut offering. The song is a healthy dose of minimal pop music. Reference musicians like FKA Twigs or James Blake for sound. It’s a pensive, drifting ballad with a strong hook. The instrumentation is tight and RIIKI’s vocal is unquestionable. She has pipes and the melodies seem to come easy. One Day is no bedroom home job. RIIKI recorded the track at the iconic Roundhead Studios in Auckland, a veritable mecca for New Zealand musicians.

So enjoy One Day and get acquainted with the exciting new pop virtuoso.

Sam Fraser-Baxter