Roy Irwin Teases New Album


Roy Irwin, a perennial favourite of ours, is back with new music.

Last week, Roy released Bully and Awful, two tracks from a forthcoming album. Roy’s last offering was King of Pop, an album released back in November 2017.

Bully and Awful features everything you’ve come to know and love about Roy; jangly guitars, pulsing bass, brooding vocals. It’s a fully body experience, one part sedated, the other part elated. Roy’s music has a strange way of dosing hazy melancholy, like watching a black and blue sunrise after a sleepless night.

We like the lyrics too.

We smoked a pipe at your house
Got high, thought I pissed the couch
It was hysterical
And with the Slipknot CD
You said I could have for free
Said there was more where they came from

Roy is coy about the album release. “Coming soon” is all we know so far. For now, enjoy Awful and Bully.

Sam Fraser-Baxter