Sonic Selections from the Start of Spring

Spring has sprung.

Winter has, well technically, fucked off. The days are getting longer. Summer is around the corner. It’s time to look back at some new music from the changing of seasons.

LOVING - Only She Knows

Fresher than a spring daisy and even more beautiful, Only She Knows is an infinitely gorgeous, melancholic slow burner from the Canadian indie three-piece. After releasing their self-titled E.P in 2016, music has been slow to come. Released only yesterday, Only She Knows is the third track they’ve released this year after three years of silence. Thank goodness they’re back. It’s woozy, it will make you weak at the knees, maybe even shed a tear.

Karnan Saba and Hone Be Good - Rona

This album sounds something like Sun Ra meets Mos Def. It’s a cosmic marriage of jazz and hip-hop. Rona is the first track from the Bird of Paradise album, released a month ago on Tom Scott’s Years Gone By label.

Hone Be Good is Aotearoa’s most under rated hip hop artist. As much a poet as he is an MC, Hone Be Good has a beautiful way with words and a melodic vocal delivery to match. He’s distinct, inimitable and always a pleasure on the ear drums. It’s hard to put the sound of Karnan Saba into words. Best listen to the whole record. Expect a lot of groove and instrumentation few would dare attempt on a hip-hop record.

Chastity Belt - It Takes Time

Chastity Belt is an all women line-up from Washington, USA. They’re bad ass. It Takes Time is a typically grungy number from the group’s self-titled album realeased… two weeks ago. Go listen!

Good Morning - Garden
If you’re not familiar with Good Morning, it’s about time. Good Morning writes jangly pop music with the songwriting finesse of ahhh…The Beatles. They know how to do pop. There’s not much more to say. Their last four records are something to behold. Go find out for yourself. Garden is a single from the forthcoming Basketball Breakups album. We can’t wait.

David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - Looks like I'm running out

Looks Like I’m Running Out is taken from David Kilgour’s latest album Bobbie’s a Girl. The song features everything there is to be loved about Mr. Kilgour, notably lots of guitar wizardry and a road-tripping suited vocal. Video is heaps rad too.

Ethanol Blend - River

River presents a more polished, punk tending version of Ethanol Blend. Last year, Jack Stokes of South Australia released The Blend Part 1 under the moniker Ethanol Blend. The album is an unpretentious, beautifully DIY collection of working-class tunes.

This time round, Jack has enlisted the help of his band mates. Ethanol Blend is sounding fresh and we hear The Blend Part 2 is on the way. Stay tuned.

Christoph El Truento - we in here…

Here’s a gem to round off. Christoph’s musical offerings in the last few years suggests something like insomnia. Tap-dancing deftly between hip-hop, ambient meditations, dub and now house driven tunes, El Truento seems to know no borders. Does he sleep? Probably not? Is he a vampire? Maybe? Good music? Absolutley. we in here…is a warm, up-beat collection tunes that would pair well with a walk in the sunshine, a jive or maybe even a shag.

Sam Fraser-Baxter