Hot, Hot, Hot New Music from July

Well look at that.

It’s August already - about time to look back on some music released in July huh? Here’s some of our favourite tracks from July.  

Mermaidens - I Might Disappear

Mermaidens have really tamed a dragon with this one. I Might Disappear is a Houdini-esque feat of guitar-driven magic. True to the name, it features a number of out-of-the-blue transitions, but most notably, a blend of really sick sounding guitars. These guys know how to do guitars. Vocals are rad too. I Might Disappear comes from their third record Look Me In The Eye’ scheduled for release later this month.

Smokestack Slim - Get With This

Classic freak-work from Smokestack Slim. Get With This is equal parts Beatles/ LSD inspired slow burner as it is funk groover – at times stirred, at others shaken. We’ve always wondered if the band owns a time machine and here’s another track to fuel our suspicion. Rumour has it Smokestack Slim have been working on an album too.

Esio Flop - Her

Named after a Rohal Dahl novel (can’t remember which), Esio Flop is a new band from Dunedin made up of Micah Davis-Rae and Casey Strachan. They formed after a band visiting town asked them who should open their show. The fellas wrote some music, formed a band and nailed the show. All in a few days work. Featuring bongos (!!!!) and lots of romance, Her is a lovely first offering from the group.

Dirty Pixels - Jullipa

Dirty Pixels is the project of Auckland based muso Ethan Moore. With a healthy appetite for 80’s sounding synths, theatrical dramatics and once upon a time, side burns, Dirty Pixels have a penchant for writing romantic ballads. Jullipa is another. Tender and poppy, the song pairs well with running through flower fields and sweet sunshine with a lover.

FYI Chris - Daze ft. Simeon Jones

We figured it would be a good idea to get a track in here sans guitars, sans band. Rhythm Section, a South-London, house-focused label, been releasing some of the most ostensibly beautiful, jazz-influenced dance music to come out of the UK and afar in recent years. Run by the don of all dons, Bradley Zero, the music to come from Rhythm Section never ceases to amaze. Here’s a huge synth-driven, sun-drenched track from FYI Chris. We dig the video too. A really, really long wheelie and some nice drone shots over the smoky London skyline makes for one of the better video clips we’ve seen in recent times.

The Chats - Identity Theft

Everyday men The Chats need no introduction. Last year the Aussie garage-punk trio took down the internet after releasing their unapologetic working class anthem ‘Smoko’. Months later, they were doing laps around the world, playing sold out shows and in doing so, defying any one-hit-wonder predictions. The ratbags are still up to their usual tricks - gigging like hell and writing tongue in cheek Aussie bangers. Identity Theft is another. You just can’t fault the ginga mullet, nor the lyricism:

So they took all me cash, straight out/ out of the bank!/ they even caught me on my webcam/ at home, having' a wank!/ I'm out of ideas on what to do/ If it can happen to me, it can happen to you

Sam Fraser-Baxter