Jonas Tawharu goes berserk in Bali

With no shortage of style and ferocity, Jonas Tawharu has been on the rise.

A year and a bit ago, Yon Yon relocated to study in Dunedin from the Mount Maunganui, after blowing his knee apart landing mis-landing a lofty air on the flats. Months later, the swelling subsided and the doctors learned his knee wasn’t quite as fucked as first thought. His recovery time halved and soon enough, Yon was sampling some of the finest waves the South Island has to offer. Maybe that air was always destined to send him to colder waters.

His new film, shot in Indonesia, sees the Rusty repping surfer trade the deep south for the Tropics. Featuring knived caves and some vicious carves, the film combines everything we love to watch about Yon’s surfing. It’s looking as sharp as ever.

Shot and edited by Oscar Johns, the film is Osc’s first major surf project. Hard to believe, huh? Featuring music from Dunedin’s Milpool, the film is a thrashing three minute fiesta. Turn the sound up, treat your eyes.

Fancy watching Yon in cold water? Watch our film ‘Airgarn’ here.

Sam Fraser-Baxter